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January 6, 2014 Letter to the Membership

Dear Members/Producers of KLTV:

According to our most recent Policy and Procedures, in July and December, we will have you select your first, second, and third choice of time slots for your current show. If there is a contested time we will then have a drawing for that time slot. It is not our intention to change the schedule just for the sake of change, so please feel free to put down your current time slot as your first choice if you would prefer that time.

Using the form below, please indicate your show’s name and, in order, your first, second, and third choice of time slots for your current KLTV show. Be sure to fill out the form in its entirety, as the drawing will be done with the information you supply.

The drawing will be held on Friday, January 17, 2014, please have the form turned in to us as soon as possible, no later than January 13th.

The drawing will be supervised by KLTV Executive Director Barry Verrill and KLTV Board Member Gary Chapin. Changes, if any, to your playback slots will be communicated to you the week of January 17, 2014. The new schedule will begin on January 20, 2014. If your completed form has not been turned in to us by January 17, 2014, KLTV then reserves the right to choose your timeslot for you.
The time has come to make your selections.

Thank you.
Barry Verrill